The Restoration Home for Women in Pipila, Baja California

Below are the names of the women that are currently at the Restoration Home. 
Please would you choose one woman to pray for and let me know. I will place your name next to their's. 

Cynthia Martinez  (Cynthia will be graduating from the program and leaving the home on Monday, August 15th.)
                Son – Brayan 4 years old
My wish from my heart is:
For God to continue to help me to restore my life and I wish that my character to be molded by God to be a better person.
My longing is for me to be a better Mother and to give Love and that nothing will lack from my Son.
Give to my Son everything that he needs.
Have my house for the two of us and be an excellent Mother.
Wish List: 
Huaraches (sandals) size 8 ½

(I didn’t get her children’s names & ages.)
  1. For my family to be together.
  2. The Love of God.
  3. To have my other two daughters.
  4. To have a home.
I would like a Study Bible
Panties (Med.) Bras (38C)
Tennis shoes (American size 7)
Cosmetics for my face
Personal articles
Clothes – Pants size 6,7
Blouse size Med.

Linda (21 years old) has a baby living with family
My wish is to have my Dad together with me at the foot of Christ, that’s what I long for in my life to be together with my family and to have my Son at my side and to guide in him the road of our Lord, no matter what I have to go through, I don’t lose the hope in God that he will be able to do everything that I ask for to my celestial Father, just the way he did it with me, he will be able to do it with my family.
I wish to have a package of of clothes of unmentionables (size 6)
A pair of Tennis size 3 ½
A pair of Sandals, slippers size 3
Bra size 32B

Diana Arce (is new to the program)
Daughter – Fernanda Anaid 9 years old
                Son – Diego Alexander 5 years old
My wish is to see the glory of God in my children!!
That the three of us will be saved to be able to arrive to the Promised Land!!
That our names will be written in the book of life, I do not want for any motive to distance myself from God!! I want him to be my husband, my boyfriend, my friend, my confidant, to depend on him! I wish that he will find the means to realize my wish to be a nurse!!
That all of my family will be saved!!
I wish for Edgar to know God, that God will have mercy on him!! I wish God to give much intelligence to me to educate my daughters!
I wish that the flame of Love will once again be lit in the marriage of my parents!! That my Sister will offer herself to the feet of Christ. I wish that when I leave this ranch that God will bless me with a job in Ensenada!!
Wish List: Perfume
                Australian boots size 8 ½

Reina Roman Carrillo (is new to the program)
At Restoration Home: Belen-9 David-4 Abraham-3
Living with family: Julio 8, Joe 11 & Jackeline 13
God bless you Sisters.
I give thanks to God for being in the place, for taking me away from the drugs, and for having my children with me.
I have a great disquietness in me because I am here and my husband is serving a jail sentence and I ask for prayer for us and for our sons, so that we may be able to be together again. (her husband has accepted the Lord while in prison and asked her to get help to get off drugs)
Wish List: Underwear             Bra 34B
                  Pants L                     Tennis 8 ½

Paola (15 years old) Started on drugs at a VERY young age. (Pictured here with her mother on the right and 18 yr. old sister on the left)
My wishes are these:
What I would like very much in my life is to have my family be happy and to be comfortable with no one to have problems.
I wish to have a house in Ensenada so that I may live with my family without being so hot.
I like chocolate very much, everything that is chocolate, cookies, candy that are chocolate.
Bra 32B
Pants 30 Small and blouses
Things for the hair and a perfume.
Some eye shadow for the eyes, green, grey or blue.
Some tennis-Nike or Converse size 8 and some sunglasses, some rings, a chain and more chocolates.

Alicia Sun Castro (brought to U.S. as an infant. Arrested for several misdemeanors and deported for being Mexico born, never filed proper papers as an adult.)
  1. To return to U.S. with my family someday. Soon.
  2. To climb the mountain, Hiking Boots size 6 ½ and shower shoes so I don’t be barefoot.
  3. To Bake Homemade chocolate chip cookies with my family.
  4. To Dye my hair and  have enough to spare. Blue black or soft black.
  5. Some new panties for I have none. Size 7.
  6. My makeup is old. Need mascara Blk and cover up beige for church.
  7. New skirt
  8. Be blessed by God.

Laurie Ortiz (brought to U.S. as an infant. Arrested and deported for being Mexico born, never filed proper papers as an adult. I have recently contacted her mom in Temecula. She will be going with me on Saturday, August 13th to surprise her daughter. She had written two separate letter so I typed both of them here.)
Dear GOD,
I know you’re the one that knows me the best Father. Dear GOD I’m sorry I know my mother’s real sick from her heart and now she’s on a wheelchair, but she’s able to walk now a little bit and better now. The last time she came to see me in March. She got sick with pneumonia. So they can’t come right now. Now we’re in July. I don’t like asking them for anything nor money because of that I’ve always took care of myself. I used to work in Elsinore California Casino but now here I am in Mexico, deported with nothing or nobody but God and myself. Now if you can help me I wish I had somewhere to live when I leave here and a job and go to the immigration as soon as possible. Because this is something I should of done a long time ago, than to listen to anybody else. I hope I don’t have to stay longer. Dear GOD please help.
I don’t have tennis shoes size 7
I need socks, underwear size 6.
Size 9 pants.
Father I need shampoo & conditioner.
I need my teeth fixed.
I have to go to the eye doctors.
A couple of blouses & Med. Skirts.
Hairspray, mousse, perfume.
I don’t know what kind its been so long, polish remover and polish.
Barrettes, clips for my hair.
Hair curlers
Face powder liquid
A Husband
Laurie Ortiz
GOD by the end of this year I pray that I can be with my family again my daughters, Vanessa & Crystal and my 6 grandkids. I pray that I get some good news and I can go back to the United States. I’ve been here a hear now with Rebeca & Marcos, June 23, 2010. In Mexico 8 years. They deported me and I don’t have a clue or what to do. But pray I can go back. But who can help me. My daughter says she is but its been so long it’s hard to believe. I’m so confused. I need to talk to the immigration myself or someone that can help me who can I talk to. Where do I go. I can’t do anything in here. GOD help me. I would also really, really like curlers like Diana’s for my hair. Because we can’t use a blow dryer nor a curling iron and I’m 46 years old. I like my hair curled. Oh and Diana looked cute, and also because my hair is frizzy and I’m tired of pinning it back and I fell in love with Diana’s big rollers on her head. God I know my Mom & Dad & Daughter did not come, it’s been 5 months because mother’s sick and it’s not good for my Dad to drive alone and my daughter’s, well they have their families to take care of. But only you know Father what they can do to help me Father. But what I would like that I need is conditioner & shampoo. I LOVE YOU JESUS. What would I do without GOD. I wouldn’t be alive. Because saved me, more than once. Psalms 100:1-2
I need some face powder (natural). GOD I thank you for everything you’re doing in my life to get me where I need to be. I know I have to have a lot of patience but 8 years is too long.

Pastor Marcos & Pastora Rebeca started this Restoration Home for Women 11 years ago. Their daughter Katia is 16 years old and their son Marco, not sure of his age maybe 11 or 12. You can keep them in prayer as they work with these women and their children. This is the ONLY Christian based Rehabilitation Center in ALL of Baja California. Rebeca dreams of having her own little house for just her family. Marcos dreams of a Preventative Center for Children built on the property.

This is Pastor Marcos’ brother, Gilbert and his family. They live in a tiny house behind the Children’s Home. Gil helps around the grounds. He came up to me to ask for prayer that God will provide a way for him to attend the Bible University to one day become a Pastor.

Sofia Azucena Lizanaga Galarza – Volunteer Cook and 2nd in Charge when Rebeca is gone.
                Daughters: Melina, Abigail & Ruth
The longing of my heart and my wish is that my family to co-exist with God, He brings souls to the feet of Christ, “He” is anew with my family in Guaymas, Sonora, “He” preaches and “He” takes the word of God.
To be one day in the presence of God, me and my children and all my family.
Thank you for everything.

I would like some American Tennis, some sandals, one lotion, socks, panties and a ring. 

Rebecca Saunders is praying for:
Rosalba – Volunteer and Is in charge of the Children
Daughter – Adanesne 5 years old
Her name is Ensenada spelled backwards. She was visiting her father on this day. She is an adorable little girl with blondish colored hair.
Prayer for total change in my life and mind and heart.
Tennis size 8 ½R
Panty – Large
Bra – 36B

Rossy – Volunteer helper with the Children
Son – Victor 10 years old
I want to have a Bible study.
A Bible and another for my son.
Perfume, cosmetics, make-up, shower soap.
Pants size 7
Blouse Med.
Tennis-American size 6/Mexican size 4
Sandals-       “                           “

Angelica – Volunteer helper with the Children and oversees Omar who has cerebral palsy and is orphaned. He will be moved in October to a facility for Special Needs Children.
Son –
Well first I would like to study and have a career and have a place for me and my kids and have my 2 kids with me.
Lotions, makeup, lipstick, perfume, shampoo, soap.
Things for hair, etc.
Jean: 15
Blosue: L
Underewear: L
Bra: 36C
Shoes: 8 ½ American