Friday, June 15, 2012


Viva Cristo Rey

I saw the movie For Greater Glory the true story of Cristiada this evening. My husband and I don’t make a habit of going to R-rated movies but this was being promoted on Christian radio and sounded like a movie we should see or should I rather say, “stand behind.” This was a war between the people of Mexico against the atheistic Mexican government.

There is much about Mexico’s history I have no idea that went on. This particular story I was never aware of. the Cristero War where the Catholic churches were shut down in the 1920’s era. It is an amazing story of courage and a people that took a stand for what they believe in, the cause of Christ, freedom, family and faith.

This is a must see movie for Christians because I can see something like this happen in America. Little by little our freedom of religion is being taken away from us and before long we’ll be locked out of our churches, pastors will be hung or shot on sight for talking about Christ. We as Christians will be asked to renounce our Lord as Savior or be killed.

We must be prepared for what is to come. There are so many instances within the movie where you can see parallels of Christ and his disciples. Are we ready to die for what we believe in? This movie will challenge you in that respect, when you see this young boy being told by the much older priest as the Federales are coming to take him away. The young boy wants to hide him. The priest says to him, “There comes a time when you have to stand for what you believe.”

The dialog that goes on between General Valarde and Father Vega is the type of conversation many a person has had when they see so much bad going on around them.  Without giving too much plot away I encourage you to go see this movie and be convicted of what it does to you personally. The emotions you feel when the young boy Jose is tortured then walks his own “Via De La Rosa.” Then to see the impact this boy has made on the General. It took everything within me to keep from bursting out in tears.

Interesting that one of the female characters name is Adriana. The General is awaken to a voice that says, "the Child has to go before us!" CCV had the impact made on them through the life of a 15 year old girl named Adrianna. Her funeral service was a week ago. Adrianna had a huge impact on many people with her courage and was ready to see her Lord and King. Adrianna has gone before us. She has led the charge to not be afraid to face death. She is one amazing young woman and you see that in the life of Jose in this movie.

This is an incredible movie and I encourage you to go see it either in the movie theater or for sure rent it on dvd when it is available. If this could happen in Mexico I have no doubt that it will happen in America. Be ready to stand for what you believe. Viva Cristo Rey!